State of Preservation

What does the assessed States of Preservation mean ?

Please note that all these originals are antiques some of which are well over several hundred years old. According to and depending on their previous location they were exposed to open fire and therefore to extreme temperature fluctuation over many decades. Furthermore until their rediscovery many of the casts were stored in the open under unfavorable weather conditions. Moreover cast iron is not rust resistant steel and is therefore damaged by oxidation. As a result of these influences naturally a fireback cannot be compared to the looks of a fresh cast just emerging from the foundry.

very well kept, hardly any rust, motif and substantial parts of the ornament are vivid and detailed, no cracks, no holes, no defects

Very Good
well kept, hardly any rust, motif and substantial parts of the ornament are discernible in detail, can show small cracks that do not endanger the stability for decorative purposes, no holes, no defects

traces of use, smaller damage caused by rust or long time influence of fire, motif and ornament still well discernible, can show small cracks or holes, frame can show small defects

traces of use, large areas show rust damage, larger cracks or defects

damage on motif caused by rust, imperfect casting or heat-worn, possible defects at the frame
(Note that these firebacks are not so much suited for decoration but rather as historic collectibles)


The following classification is meant as a rough guide only. The best impression of the fireback is conveyed by the detailed pictures in the top left-hand corner. They depict the respective fireback you will receive.

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